first blog

I really don’t know how to begin, except to just begin…ok that sounded dumb. Anyway, the point of this blog is to not only share my experiences with living with a chronic illness, lupus, but hopefully educating people at the same time. Connecting with other lupies would be great but obviously any and everyone are welcome. I don’t know how long or short these entries should be so I will end soon.
My relationship with lupus goes back to 1996. It was a scary time in my life, swollen joints, extreme weight loss and no reason to explain either. I started by going to a holistic doctor who gave me some sort of electrobe therapy that left me stiffer than when we started. Eventually I went to a rhuematologist and after several tests was diagnosed with lupus and immediately put on steroids….awwwwwwww the miracle drug. Let me explain, before I went to this doctor my mother was bathing me, dressing me, helping me in every way and I mean every way. I was given a prescription for prednisone (steroid) for 80mg. Within 20 minutes, I kid you not I could have done a cartwheel, a triple toe loop, and a round off and stuck the landing.
I hope you have enjoyed reading, there is plenty more to come. Love.


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