Second Blog

After my diagnosis in the summer of 1996 I truly didn’t know what to expect.  I had never heard of Lupus and had no idea how it would affect my daily life.  At 22, your life should be beginning and I felt as though mine was ending.  With education of the disease I found that that wasn’t the case.  Later that year I was hired at Cinergy as a part-time customer service representative, which came with great medical benefits and that in itself was a blessing.  Though my illness was unpredictable, the one thing that remained stable was my employment for 15 years.  Unfortunately, in October of 2011, I was led into a small conference room and told the words that you never want to hear, “Your services are no longer needed”.  My heart dropped and despite how this would change my life in many ways the one thing that stuck out in my mind like a sore thumb was that I would have no medical insurance.  I sat in the room with my supervisor, who obviously was firing for the first time, because she needed assistance from her co-worker, who was also present.  The looks on their faces were of nerveousness, clearly not knowing what kind of reaction I may have, but my mom and dad have always taught me to never let them see you sweat. So even though the emotions that I was feeling were explosive I did not let them come to the surface.  It is really funny how you can work with a company for 15 years and see people day to day and smile and interact, but when you are let go it is as if they have never seen you before and you don’t exist.  I guess that is the corporate world…gotta love it……NOT.  Love.


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