Even at 37 years old I see a story about bullying and I am taken back to being 13 years old and hating going to school every single day.  Then in high school hating all church activities because of the bullies that I faced every Sunday and Thursday at youth group and choir rehearsal…the thing was they weren’t called bullies,  they were just mean girls.  Not quite sure why I was the focus of their attacks but I was.   I was a quiet girl and very sweet, I was raised to be that way.  Therefore, I really wasn’t prepared to defend myself and definately didn’t know how to.  My mom has since run into a young lady that made my junior high years hell.  They both knew who the other was and there was no ackwardness on my mother’s part.  Simply telling her that she knew who she was and that she used to torment my baby as she stood their with several of her own.  She apologized to my mother for what she did and went on to inquire about me.  I truly believe this girl hated me with all her being in the 6th and 7th grades.  Why would she care? I got through those years and it was hard, but ultimately, I now understand, that the issues are with the mean girls not the nice ones.


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