Leaving the nest

Ok, so I am back in the nest, temporarily, but it’s time to make a move.  Being on your own is something that all adults need to do. Whether you are healthy or not, you need independence.  Filing for disability is moving slow so I have plenty of time before my hearing and honestly living with my parents isn’t the best emotional and mental arrangement for me right now.  I know my parents love me but I need to be alone sometime and have my own space.  Also, in doing so would open up the possibility of me getting medicaid, which is extremely cheaper than what my parents pay now for my monthly premium insurance.  To me it’s a no brainer, but I have to weigh all of my options and decide what is best for me.  My mom has her opinion of what I should do with my money and I do respect that.  Honestly, I normally do what she says because it’s easier and I am in her house.  But Uhhhhhhhh, I am 38 years old and not 5 which is how I’m treated alot of the time.  I must admit I do appreciate knowing that they are here to care for me when I need it but I want them to let me go when I’m well also.  Erika has to be an adult and learn how to live with a chronic illness alone and take care of herself.  FINALLY. Thanks Sissy. LYSM.


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