Being Grateful

My health has been declining since mid July.  I could feel it and I am normally correct.  I had been nauseated for weeks with body aches and fever.  Obviously I assumed it was lupus but nausea was a new symptom for me.  I tried to avoid going to the doctor because I had an appointment already scheduled coming up.  So the normal tests were run in addition to some others to see what was going on.  I received a call that I needed to have an ultrasound of my pancreas and gall bladder immediately. After that I got a call that I needed another test done as soon as possible.  I was diagnosed with pancreatitis, which I have had before, but the rush with the tests is due to me specifically.  After going 3 weeks barely eating or drinking I suffer from low kidney function so I was very close to kidney failure, which has happened before.  So I was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for 3 days being re-hydrated with fluids to bring my kidneys back to my normal.  I still feel pretty crappy but not as crappy as I did 4 weeks ago.  I am so lucky I have the family that I do to be there for me no questions asked.  I am grateful grateful grateful.


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