I can’t believe it, I got disability today without a hearing. I was so nervous about answering questions in the correct format and not giving too much information and it didn’t even matter. My attorney arrived and the judge wanted to speak to him prior to the hearing. After that my attorney called my parents and me into a room and told us the disability had been granted. We were in shock, I did have to appear before the judge to answer a few questions and sign a document but that was it. I am so happy and blessed. And more importantly to have the support of my entire family meant so much to me. Today I was granted my independence and I am grateful.


This is it

Tomorrow is the day that will change my life. It is my disability hearing. I have been trying to get disability for years without an attorney and was denied. I will be represented tomorrow with a well known attorney in the world of disability so I feel that all bases are covered but there is still doubt. Nothing is 100% but I think what is most frustrating is knowing that I am eligible but I have to prove it, my records aren’t enough. I know that an acceptance of disability will enable me to live independently and NEVER have to worry about medication costs, copays, & hospital stays. I can’t put into words what a relief that would be, not only for me but my family. If I don’t get it I will have no choice but to re-enter the working world. I am terrified because of my lack of energy and pain that I sustain on a daily basis will make it nearly impossible to maintain a job. But, if I have to do it I know God will give me the strength to do it. This is my time, it is almost like retiring, I truly feel like after working 15 years with an illness I deserve to retire and be taken care of. I just hope the judge feels the same. THIS IS IT.