This is it

Tomorrow is the day that will change my life. It is my disability hearing. I have been trying to get disability for years without an attorney and was denied. I will be represented tomorrow with a well known attorney in the world of disability so I feel that all bases are covered but there is still doubt. Nothing is 100% but I think what is most frustrating is knowing that I am eligible but I have to prove it, my records aren’t enough. I know that an acceptance of disability will enable me to live independently and NEVER have to worry about medication costs, copays, & hospital stays. I can’t put into words what a relief that would be, not only for me but my family. If I don’t get it I will have no choice but to re-enter the working world. I am terrified because of my lack of energy and pain that I sustain on a daily basis will make it nearly impossible to maintain a job. But, if I have to do it I know God will give me the strength to do it. This is my time, it is almost like retiring, I truly feel like after working 15 years with an illness I deserve to retire and be taken care of. I just hope the judge feels the same. THIS IS IT.


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