Life is NOT funny. I am seriously not laughing. I am going to be 40 on April 2nd and I have been working on getting my credit together to purchase my first home. Everything looked great, had approval, down payment, everything covered. But LUPUS, had to have its say. I deal with this so there are few
surprises but this was completely unexpected. I take 14 pills a day and insulin. This is my first year on Medicare and thankfully meds copays labs tests are very reasonable. So to move forward with purchasing a home was a go. But then a notice in the mail changes everything. My insulin will be increasing from 45$ to 265$ a month. As it turns out, my meds are in stages and once you pay a certain amount you move to the next stage, in which I pay 72% and Medicare pays 28%, in the present stage it is just the reverse. So this will obviously cause me to not be able to pay monthly expenses. I feel so defeated and I cryed, well I actually sobbed, but once I dried my eyes and was comforted I know it will work out. I may not get my home this year, but I will own a home. It is so odd, every time I make efforts towards either buying or renting my plans are blocked. I am believing God is setting me up for a HUGE blessing. That thought helps me remain positive. Whether it does or not, he has a plan for me and my life.


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