The difference between Life and Health

The difference between life and death is the wording that is always used but in this situation I replace death with health. To live on this earth you must take care of your health to a certain extent. There are folks that live to be 80 and have never gone to a doctor, those are very rare. For the general public, you must go to the doctor to maintain a healthy lifestyle that leads to a long life. There are circumstances that are beyond our control and with the very best healthcare are not meant to live a long life.  For those of us that are aware of an illness or a condition that can be controlled with doctor care and possibly medication, it is our responsibility to do so. I think a lot of illnesses don’t technically affect us day to day, therefore we may feel a need to skip meds or cancel that doctor appointment because we feel good. The human body is a magnificent tool in that it gives us signs and symptoms of something being wrong, a headache, chest pains, night sweats, body aches. These are indications that something else is going on and needs to be addressed. It is up to us to recognize this or not. So I ask you, will you choose life and death or life and health. It is a choice. Period.


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