Angie and Skip July 10, 2004

10 years ago today was the beginning of the rest of your lives. On your first date you knew he was different, he made you happy and all of your free time was now his.
Labor Day weekend was the first date, the proposal was by Thanksgiving, and the marriage ceremony was July 10th, 2004. There have been bumps and obstacles along the way but the love was constant and never wavered.
The last 8 months have proven that the vowels that were spoken 10 years ago were not to be taken lightly. The love between the two of you is beyond the stars. Life has to happen in order for all of the pieces to fall perfectly together. Life happened November 21, 2013 that would forever change your lives. The love and devotion that has been witnessed is beyond words. Skip looked to you for everything and only wanted you and you looked to be there for Skip everyday, no questions asked. The love you exuded to each other was inspiring. Skip spoke no words, but his facial expressions said it all. With this storm a beautiful rainbow was inevitable.
Angie and Skip or Juicy and Booksey. A stroke tried to shake and possibly end the story of your love affair, but God had other plans. Life may try to break you but God is always there to put the once breakable pieces back together to make them unbreakable.

Happy Anniversary


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