Race and television 

I have always been the type with a love of diversity in all things, including television.  Not only in the characters being portrayed but, the story as well. I love all genres of movies from the tear jerker love story to the world ending and being taken over by aliens. In all of these hundreds of thousands of movies on TV one thing is still lacking, diversity.  I, on some level, understand that the big box office production companies make movies to sell them and to make huge profits. To see Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston as the lead is more of a pull than Angela Bassett or Lisa Ling, I don’t agree but, I get it, it’s about money.  What has me frustrated is with TV movies, these movies aren’t made to bring in the mega dollars like box office hits, they do help the network but, not at a level that will make or break the network.  Hallmark in particular is one of my favorite channels to watch.  It’s a feel good network, love all around, finding family, finding love through dogs, cooking and finding love, solving murder mysteries, it’s great!  I’ve noticed that coming up is a new murder mystery series of movies and I love the oldies like Matlock for instance, so I was excited to see what was to come. Candance Cameron Bure, Allison Sweeney, Lori Loughlin, to name a few are the stars of these new movies.  I think to myself here we go again, a channel that I am in love with is not in love with me, me being my color.  I see, my color in supporting roles of course, it’s easy to just stick one in here and there as the logical best friend or neighbor or maybe even the cop that ends up helping solve the crime.  I want to see color in a leading role. I am using color because I am not just aiming at black actors, any non white actor is what I am hoping for.  When I think of all of the movies on a Hallmark, they are written in a way that a person of any ethnicity could play the part.  It literally could be mixed, a white lead male and an Asian lead female or vice versa.  Getting back to the new series of murder mysteries, it upset me that 3+ movie series are starting and not one person of color in a lead role. It is heartbreaking to me. It further infuriates me that the only time I see a run of movies starring black actors is in February, thanks for that, while the other 11 months I am lucky if I see 2 movies not only starring an actor of color in the lead but, with the cast as well, this also holds true for Lifetime. I just had to vent, now that I am disabled and retired I watch a lot more TV than I did in the past and I am noticing things that I think if spoken on and heard by the right ears can be changed. I am planning on writing something up to send to Hallmark and Lifetime to express what I have stated above. Will change happen, who knows but, it’s worth a try.


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