Facebook death

i have decided to end my Facebook account, it is extremely painful to see the lives of my friends and family in comparison to mine. This may sound sad and make no sense but it is what I feel I need to do right now. I have to work on myself and constantly putting myself down because I haven’t accomplished what others have seems to be a constant set back for me. I maybe going about this all wrong but I have to try something.  I get in an extreme depression when I see couple photos, or children photos, or out socially photos, which is honestly all people post. All of my pictures are either at home or at the doctors office. There is no one around me, no friends, no outings, no invitations, no nothing. It is a sad existence but it is what I have chosen over the last 10 years. I am praying for a change and I am hoping this is the start of me appreciating what I do have and what I have accomplished and not comparing it to others.


2 thoughts on “Facebook death

  1. Just remember what people put on Facebook is their best foot forward. I don’t believe for a minute that some of my “friends” are always that happy and life if perfect. I honor your bravery.

    • Thank you for calling me brave and I’m still adjusting to the fact that I don’t have what I thought I would at this stage of my life. I know people want you to see their picture perfect life and I know that isn’t reality 24/7. But I rarely have any moments that are picture perfect to even post, it sucks.

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