Parents just don’t understand

Ok, this is a blast from the way back past, but my definition is very different from Fresh Prince AKA Will Smith’s original version. He was a teenage boy wanting to gain freedoms that were well beyond what his years could handle. From his perspective, he wanted what he wanted when he wanted it and if his parents didn’t agree they simply didn’t understand.  Well, fast forward 20+ years to a 38 year old woman in an awkwardly similar situation.  I want to be able to re-introduce myself to society and start experiencing new things again, sounds wonderful right??  It would be except my parents are hesitant to let me.  Their rationale is not my age or even my inexperience it’s because “they” don’t feel comfortable with it.  So me regaining my independence and freedom depends on their comfort level, really??  Yes, there are times when I literally can’t bathe myself, I can’t cook for myself, I need rides to doctors and yes most recently needed them to be by my side in the hospital. But I am still a living 38 year young woman that wants and more importantly deserves freedom.  My parents have raised 2 wonderful daughters, are we perfect, far from it, but we are loving, smart, make good decisions, are compassionate, giving and have never given my parents real trouble. We have never been arrested,  we did not have to have to say the dreaded words that so many teenage girls do, we never were involved in drugs, just good girls.  Even with all this it is as if they think I am so  incapable that I can’t function without them.  I will have set backs and I will need them but Lord I just want “MY” parents to understand.